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The AQR Asset Management Institute was launched in January 2015 with a vision to become the world leader for asset management-related thought leadership, research, study and recruitment. London Business School is proud to partner in this endeavour with AQR Capital Management, the foremost pioneer in research-driven investment management.The Institute harnesses London Business School’s dynamic combination of academic excellence, global perspective and London experience with London being a major hub for the asset management industry. The AQR Asset Management Institute promotes excellence in asset management and furthers its ability to preserve and generate long-term wealth for both individuals and societies, advancing:

 Ø  Research and best practice for the global investment community

The Institute conducts innovative research in the field of asset management, bringing together academic theory and real-world practice. The research agenda is led by the Institute’s three Academic Directors, who are among the School’s most prominent faculty. The Institute is interdisciplinary in its approach to research, encompassing strategy, organisation and management, as well as finance, economics and accounting.

 Ø  The exchange of ideas

The Institute offers unrivalled forums and networking opportunities for the sharing of ideas and the debate of critical investment issues, convening leading academics, practitioners, policymakers and regulators from around the globe.

 Ø  Future leaders and scholars in asset management

The Institute recognises academic and research excellence by supporting LBS students and rising scholars around the world with a series of awards:

·         AQR Scholar Awards for graduating students recognise academic excellence in asset management

·         AQR Fellowship Award for outstanding PhD talent recognises academic excellence, intellectual rigour and innovation (latest winner: link)

·         AQR Young Researcher Award for young professors recognises significant contributions to the field of asset management research.


For more information:

·         Visit www.london.edu/AQRInstitute

·         View our YouTube channel Asset Management at LBS

·         Contact us via email AQRInstitute@london.edu or phone +44 (0) 20 7000 8290.

The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development (Wheeler Institute) at London Business School (LBS) was launched in 2018 to build awareness about the unique role business can play to improve the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

The Wheeler Institute improves lives through identifying the change needed, linking and applying relevant business research and expertise, and through accelerating the adoption and scaling of solutions. It convenes and builds communities of practice between business, policy makers, and researchers in identifying and promoting solutions. The Wheeler Institute engages its students as sources of inspiration in identifying solutions and as long-term agents of change in implementing those solutions.